About us
Lapeyre Realty Broker Ivonne Lapeyre has been in the real estate business for over 30 years. With so many years in real estate experience her main concern has always been to provide her clients with the house of their dreams. Her company offers top of the line quality attention to clients. Her main focus is to provide clients with excellent service and help them and answer all of their real estate questions. Her company is built around creative financing strategies and real estate opportunities. She has built a great team of realtors who will stop at nothing at providing the best options for their clients.

For any real estate concerned questions being foreclosure, short-sales, mortgages and so on we are the company to contact. We will put our maximum effort to helping those that seek our services. Throughout the years we have kept a close eye on the real estate market and have never stopped thinking about what else can be done to provide a better service for our clients. We continue to improve on our services to be able to help our clients quicker and more efficiently.

Our short-sale department at Lapeyre Realty has been designed to be able to help those customers in financial situations be able to solve their problems with the bank and sell their home in the shortest time possible. They work one on one with the clients and the mortgage company to solve all of their needs. They will be able to provide the client with a careful review of the possibilities and outcomes of their short-sale.

Lapeyre Realty has also been associated with a great deal of REO’s. We work with many companies that provide REO opportunities for those who are looking for investing in multiple REO properties or for those who are looking for an REO property to buy. We are linked with HUD-Homes which allow us to go to auctions and purchase home directly from the courts.

Our strategies and our desire to help our clients help us create new ideas that will at end benefit our future clients. We hope that through the years to come we are able to provide a great service to our future homeowners. We are looking forward to helping everyone purchase the home of their dreams.